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 Your Ski Holiday Bulgaria

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Bulgarian Phrases

Essential Basics



The phrases below are basic useful Bulgarian words that will help you when you are on holiday in Bulgaria. There is also a very good Bulgarian - English phrase book available from Lonely Planet publications, it is a small pocket two-way dictionary (3500 words). The book does have quite small print though.



English    -   Bulgarian   


Thank you - Bla-go-dar-yuh


Please - Mol-yuh


Yes - Dar


No  Ne  


How much is it? Kol-ko stroo-va


Help Po- mosht


I understand - Raz-bee-ram  


I don’t understand - Ne raz-bee-ram


Sorry - Suh-zhal-ya-vam


Goodbye - Do-veezh-da-ne

(also ‘chow’ is used)


Where’s the Toilet? - Kuh-de suh



Excuse me(need to get past) - Eez-vee-ne-te


Your welcome - Nya-ma zash-to


Good - Do-buhr