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 Your Ski Holiday Bulgaria

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The Rhodopean mountains offer the most southern skiing resorts in Europe. It is the sunniest Bulgarian mountain resort with wonderful snow throughout the whole winter season. Pamporovo and Chepelare are situated on 1600m above the sea level at the foot of peak Snejanka (1926m) and Mechi Chal (1873m). There is a 4 month skiing season (mid December to mid April), and during the Spring to Autumn the temperature ranges from 15 to 30 degrees. This offers a full years worth of activities and holiday opportunities.

PLACES of INTEREST: include fortresses, monasteries, churches, cities, towns & villages, caves, Roman ruins, rock formations, river activities, walking, hiking, rock climbing, fishing, cycling, horse riding, restaurants, bars, swimming, spa facilities, bowling and shopping.

HISTORY: Since ancient times the Rhodopes has been a mysterious and enchanting mountain range. It is home of the mythical singer Orpheus and the clan of guards of the famous Sanctuary of Dionysus. Archaeological excavations date back to habitations from approximately the 7th century BC. The remains of many Thracian fortresses reveal a rich ancient culture that once flourished in the area. The fortresses guarded an ancient Thracian road running from the town of Abdera, on the Aegean Sea, to Istros, on the Danube River. During the Bulgarian Revival period (1762-1878), cultural and educational life flourished in the area and the surrounding villages, illustrated by the existing 14 churches and 72 chapels. In every church existed a school. Four of the churches are now declared artistic cultural monuments of national significance, and one of the churches and 15 of the chapels are declared cultural monuments of regional significance.

WILDLIFE: The Rhodopes are one of the few mountain ranges in Europe where the Brown Bear and Wolf still breed. Old-growth forests are home to deer, elk, fox, wild goat, and other rare European species. The Rhodopes are a true heaven for bird lovers and contains around 190 species, many of them quite rare. Dippers and King Fishers will dart around you as you walk along clear creeks and streams. A Golden Eagle hovering high in the sky presents an unforgettable sight. If you come to the Rhodopes during spring you might hear the early-morning mating call of the Capercaillie. Lush, grassy meadows pop into mind when thinking of the Rhodopes. For many centuries locals have kept herds of sheep, as a result of which, they have created meadow out rests. These meadows now are home to an abundance of rare flowers, many of which are not found anywhere else on Earth. In early spring you can see the pink petals of Silivriak (Heberlea rhodopaensis), the symbol of the Rhodopes, which has the unique quality of being able to spring back to life even after being pressed for years. Legend has it that the flower bloomed out of the blood of Orpheus after he was dismembered. The Rhodopes are also well known for their mushrooms. Here you can also pick yourself a multi coloured bouquet of herbs;the most fragrant thyme grows here.

Rhodopean or Rhodope Mountains Ski Region

Seasons and Climate

The Rhodopean mountains offer the most southern skiing resorts in............Read more

Places of Interest

Including fortresses, monasteries, churches.........Read more


Since ancient times the Rhodopes has been a mysterious and enchanting mountain.........Read more


The Rhodopes are one of the few mountain ranges in Europe where the Brown Bear and Wolf still.........Read more