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 Your Ski Holiday Bulgaria

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Restaurants in Pamporovo


Depending on where you go, value for money in the Bulgarian ski resorts can be fantastic! The cost of a pint of pilsner lager in a good restaurant or bar is around £1 and a good freshly baked pizza costs under £5. The best value restaurants are in the villages and towns, just outside the ski resorts.   


It is worth considering whether to hire a car for the transfer from a local hire company, as you can then drive to the best restaurants! This may depend on how much you like to drink though. The restaurant and bar prices in the centre of the resort, in Pamporovo, are still not much more than UK prices! There is also the icy condition of the roads to consider, whilst these are regularly cleared with snow ploughs, they can still be hazardous. We tend to pay for a transfer in winter and hire a car in summer.


Good restaurants:


Spartak in Smolyan


This is a superb value restaurant in the mountain town of Smolyan (20 mins drive from Pamporovo). We have visited many times and keep returning because of the great value food. This isn't a tourist restaurant, so don't expect queens English! In fact don't expect much at all in terms of language! The good news is, the menu is superb and fully translated into English! Beef and Lamb sizzlers are highly recommended and the prices are fantastic, somewhere around half UK prices.


Taxi Fares in Pamporovo


If you catch a taxi always agree a firm price before getting in the taxi. In summer or even in winter (if you are Bulgarian) the price is less than half that of the ski season! Remember though that taxi drivers only have the ski season to make any money, as there are many taxis and fewer people using them outside of te ski season.  


Pamporovo Old House in Pamporovo


This is one of our favourite restaurants right in the centre of Pamporovo. It has a large open plan feel with exposed natural timbers and has a great atmosphere, during the busy ski season it is also easy to get a seat as there is an upper level with a galleried are and view from above, down to the ground floor. Pizzas are freshly baked and superb value. There is an extensive menu with a huge charcoal grill for cooked meats. Price range for half UK to full UK, depending on what you have. If you can read / check the Bulgarian in the menu, there may even be better prices hidden from tourist eyes!


The Old House restaurant in Smolyan


The two restaurants at the Castle Hotel, 5 minutes walk behind Cedar Heights apartment complex near to the Studenets ski lift area.


The Belfry Restaurant


Example Menus


The White House Restaurant


- BBQ 0.350 kg (lamb, pork, chicken): 9.50 levs  (£4.75)
- Cheverme (roasted lamb) 0.300 kg: 11 levs (£5.50)
- Soups: 3.90 levs (£1.95)
- A bottle of Bulgarian wine: 11 levs ( £5.50)
- Beer in bottle 0.500 L (local): 2 levs (£1.00)
- Soft drinks: 1 lev (0.50)

Reservations: call +359 48 834 629


The Chevermeto Restaurant


- bottle of wine: 14 levs (£7.00)
- local beer in bottle of 0.500: 2.50 levs ( £1.25)
- roasted dishes on fire 0.500 kg: 11 levs ( £5.50)
- lamb steak 0.300 kg: 14 levs (£7.00)
- soups: 3 levs (£1.50)
- salads: 5.50 levs (£2.75)

Reservations: call +359 3021 8338

Live folklore music / dancing - current exchange rate £1.00 = 2.06 Levs